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The website is edited by :
Marcus Schlatmann as the General Director
Maison de la Norma – 73500 La Norma – France
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SIRET 388 154 668 00015 APE 7990Z
Contact : +33(0) or
Maison du Tourisme de La Norma and
12 rue Ampère - 38000 GRENOBLE
Tél : 04 38 12 09 25
Host web site: Logitourisme
Online booking host : Arkiane (Sogenor accommodation) ; JB Concept (ski lifts)
Private owners host: Chalet-montagne - Alpium
The products, information and services presented on the site are proposed by the Maison du Tourisme de La Norma and by the SAEM SOGENOR.
The Maison du Tourisme of La Norma promotes and sales at the site touristic services of La Norma, more precicely, the reservation of the kindergarten (day care) and the kids club, tickets for activities, and packages with these products. Declaration CNIL 1396901
The Maison du Toursime of La Norma, is an Association (under the law of the 1st of july, 1901 with the headquarter at Maison de La Norma, 73500 LA NORMA – France.
The Maison du tourisme is a member of the National Federation of Tourist Offices and Syndicats d’Initiative, 280 boulevard Saint Germain 75007 PARIS.
Regarding the private owners accommodation, The Tourism Office is not responsible of the accommodation. It only relates the renter to the owner by these descriptions.
The SAEM SOGENOR proposes at the site the rental of tourist accomodations, the sales of skipasses and packages with these products. Declaration CNIL 1396903.
The SOGENOR is a SAEM with the headquarter at Maison de La Norma ; 73500 LA NORMA – France RCS d’Albertville, n° 348 321 118
Although we take all reasonable care that the information contained within the Website is accurate at the time of publication, however no representation or guarantee (including liability towards third parties or prices), expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. This translation can never replace the original document (french version).
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Personal data are collected uniquely when the registration form is freely filled by correspondants through Internet. They are stored in our data bases only for use of the Tourist Office of La Norma and SOGENOR.
Personal or corporate data will not be sold or passed to any third party.
O.T. La Norma : Véronick Le Palabe /Studio Viart Modane / Jean Foray / Gilles Piel Félix Création /  Pierre Jacques /I. Magendie.